Relax! On Monday restyled

Please note already as very important in your diary: Monday, 26 September, is florist day at Fleuramour! As usual, there is an exclusive program for florists on the last day of the event: a day of swirling demonstrations, performances and shows. This year ‘Relax! On Monday’ has a digital twist to it. After all, digital communication and technology are taking an increasingly prominent role in everyday life. Floristry can definitely not be left behind.  

That is why Fleuramour has brought Flower Lab to the Alden Biesen Commandery. Flower Lab is a travelling exhibition that explains to florists how the younger generation, also called the Millennials, Einstein Generation or Generation Y, think and act in the digital age. The Flower Lab Company has demonstrated its concept before at IPM Essen and the World Championship in Genoa. Now, for the first time, it’s Belgium’s turn.

Therefore visit Flower Lab at Fleuramour for sure and discover the flower shop of the future! Chantal Post is the face of Flower Lab and will familiarise you, together with Stefan van Berlo, Dirk De Goede and Kevin Lennertz, with this new digital world of flowers. Moreover, Flower Lab is the ideal opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world.

On the program:relax on monday 2016 ENGgoud

  • 10.00 h – Reception at the Flower Lab VIP booth with a drink
  • 12.30 h – Lunch (includes reception with Cava + starter + classy warm buffet + water and wine)
  • Free visit to the event

 PRICE: € 55.00 p.p.

Buy your tickets now! 

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