3 fun, hip and simple DIY ideas with spring flowers

We can’t get enough of flowers! During spring, we are even more in the mood to be creative. Looking for quick ideas? Try these trendy spring creations that you can easily make @ home.

1. Abundance of spring indoors

When you mention the word spring, you think of daffodils, tulips, crocuses… But spring is so much more: Fritillaria, Freesia, Genista, Corylus, Iris, Lathyrus, Syringa vulgaris, Polianthes. Cover the bottom of a bowl with floral foam and fill the foam with lilac clusters. Then randomly insert the other spring flowers in it.

2. La vie en rose

Pink is a dreamy colour that stands for femininity, inner strength, tenderness and fragility. So it’s a perfect fit for the early spring. Central in this bouquet is a bunch of sturdy fragrant Polianthes tuberosa, surrounded by soft pink Scabiosa. Pink Gypsophila provides the tender effect.

3. Pure white

Spring is the season of new life and new life is pure. White symbolises purity. White buttercups and white lily-of-the-valley on a bed of white Hypericum berries presented in a white fluffy nest: an unspoiled spring creation.


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