5 Bridal Bouquets for the Summer of ’19

A bridal bouquet is indispensable on your special day. Which flowers you choose often depends on the season. Orange, burgundy, lavender, sunflower yellow, these and many other colours are very popular in the autumn period. But which colours should you choose? We selected the 5 most beautiful autumn bouquets for you.

Trendy peach with burgundy

Burgundy always does well. White dresses and burgundy accessories are trendy at the moment. Add peach-coloured flowers to make it a little lighter and more playful. You will see that it is a match made in heaven!

Fragrant lavender

With lavender you actually kill two birds with one stone: you have a beautiful bouquet and it smells lovely too! Moreover, purple has been very popular at weddings in the last few years. Tip: use some lavender in the decoration. This way you bring color on the table and some lavender is even edible!

Natural green with pine cones

Pine cones in a bouquet? Sure! Thanks to the green and brown tones there is a natural and soothing atmosphere. Add some white flowers and your bouquet will look radiant.
This bouquet can even be used in the winter. And just like the lavender, you can use the pine cones for table decoration.

Colourful sunflowers

Sunflowers are the perfect choice for your autumn wedding. They are fun, colourful and make everyone happy and that’ s what you want, isn’t it? You can choose a bouquet with only sunflowers or you can add daisies or gypsophila here and there for a brighter look. If the groom wears a navy blue suit, you will fit perfectly together.

Virgin white

Traditional marriages are still the most popular. That’s why the green and white color palette usually is the bride’s favorite. The advantage of this simple bouquet is that you can do anything with it. You can stick to a simple party and simple clothes. Or you and your partner can opt for a colourful outfit that will certainly fit the modest bouquet.

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