5 x Contemporary Floral Designs with Hellebore

Hellebore is a perennial favourite in contemporary floral art. It is one of the very first flowers to bloom, one that looks like a very fragile flower, but is in fact
strong and powerful. In this article, Fleur Créatif Magazine presents to you 5 wonderful creations with Hellebore.

Every year, floral designers unleash their creativity on the special Hellebore flower on the occasion of the Hellebore Award contest that we’re organising with the world-famous Belgian nursery ‘Het Wilgenbroek‘. In this article, we’re sharing some innovative creations with you. The theme of these designs is PURE. Enjoy!

Pussy willows cradle Hellebore

Giant circle with pussy willows
The pussy willow becomes more intense towards the centre. The beautiful rose-coloured Helleborus orientalis shine in the middle and its colour contrast with the white pussy willow.

Design by
Benoit Vandendriessche

Vegetative lanterns

Vegetative lanterns
Hellebores provide light!

Design by
Mieke Hoflack

Contrast rough – tender

‘Iron basket’ filled with waxed fibres
A special contrast to the tender hellebore.

Design by
Max Hurtaud

When vegetables bloom…

The most beautiful celeriac as the basis of this creation
Dark-coloured hellebore seems to sprout from pinkish turnips. The creation floats on latex wires.

Design by
Tessy Geerinckx


Helleborus in a vegetative jacket.

Design by
Sarra Vaerewyck

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