A Cheerful Autumn Bursting With Warm Colours

Are you looking for beatiful flower arranging ideas for autumn? In the new Fleur Créatif issue you will find a lot of inspiration: autumn Chrysanthemums in warm colours, red apples in combination with orange-red flowers, grey hues brightened by rust and reddish-brown shades. Thanks to our handy step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to make these lovely flower arrangements yourself. Have fun!

Get to work on these 4 flower themes

In the new Fleur Créatif issue, our FLEUR florists get to work on 4 flower themes

? BLUE BERRIES: the eye-catching ingredients in autumn floral designs.
? CHRYSANTHEMUM: available in all seasons and in a wide range of colours and shapes, Chrysanthemum is THE autumn flower par excellence.
? ORNAMENTAL APPLES: a perfect ingredient for floral design, in all kinds of coulours and sizes.
? GREY, RUST and REDDISH-BROWN HUES: perfect for beautiful outdoor arrangements or funeral and sympathy floral creations.

Fleur Floral Fashion by Fleuramour

Furthermore, we already give a little glimpse of our beautiful floral event Fleur Floral Fashion. A special, somewhat more limited edition of Fleuramour, but a perfect alternative for this year. A unique opportunity to admire the most beautiful floral creations in real life again!

Do you have a subscription to Fleur Créatif that is still valuable on 30/09/2021? Then you will find the instructions to apply for a free ticket for Fleur Floral Fashion in the Fleur Créatif autumn issue.

Inspiration from the East

For the new autumn issue, we made a portrait of floral designer Hiroto Inoue. In an interview, he tells us more about the fascinating creations in his book ‘Funny Style’. We also introduce you to the designer of the cover of the last edition of the International Floral Art publication: Teresa Skues from Singapore.

Those are two amazing floral talents that you have to discover!

Floral design with kids as a source of inspiration

Finally, in the new Fleur Créatif autumn issue, we focus on our sources of inspiration. Did you know that children are often the reason why people start working with flowers? Daniël Ost wanted to welcome his grandson to a flowery church for his baptism. Carol Jillian designs ‘baby floral couture’ and Ma.Sa.Ha creates a floral outfit for mother and daughter.

Discover all of this in the new Fleur Créatif Magazine!

Get inspired. Take a look at the autumn issue:

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