A Colourful January With Blooming Tulips | Easy DIY

We are finally waking up from a deep hibernation. Colourful, blooming tulip flowers tell us we’re ready for spring. Do you also love the variety of tulips? Whether in monochrome or intensive colour shades, tulip blossoms always convince with their spring-like appearance!

Get rid of the general downbeat mood with a spectacular tulip bouquet bursting with colour in order to really wake things up. Are you wondering how to make a tulip arrangement? Read below for some tips and tricks.

Pick beautiful colours

Tulips are very versatile, which is great if you want to make a bouquet. Whether you choose a design in powder pink, bright white or a colourful variation – a bouquet of tulips will always make you smile and feel like spring is going to pop around the corner at any second.

Did you know that every tulip colour also carries its own meaning? For this DIY, we picked yellow and pink flowers. The yellow tulips represent happiness, cheerfulness and hope. The pink ones are to celebrate something or to wish someone good luck. So we’re making a very festive, cheerful bouquet.

Clean your flowers

Once you have picked your colours, you’re ready to clean them. Cleaning means removing all the yucky leaves. With any flowers, you don’t want too many leaves below the water line. This causes bacteria to build in the water, therefore shortening your flowers life. With tulips, you can remove the leaves that are already drooping or torn. You’ll have a lot less bulk when you’re done, but the tulips look much more tidy and the flowers really show.

Have your supplies ready

Beside the flowers, what else do you need to make a beautiful bouquet? Of course you need a vase filled with water and floral food. For 30 tulips, for example, choose a vase that is a 4″x 4″ (+/- 10 cm) square. You will also need pruning sheers.

Ready to arrange your flowers

Start building your tulip arrangement in your hand. The arrangement will look the same way in the vase as it does in your hand. Try and keep the heads of your flowers even. If you are combining colours, try combining them in groups instead of individual flowers – a cluster of 4 pink, a cluster of 5 yellow, a cluster of 5 pink etc… Don’t worry. There is no right way when it comes to tulip arrangements. Just do whatever you think looks best.

If you are right handed, hold the arrangement in your left hand so you can add the flowers with your right. Constantly turn the arrangement with your right hand to add flowers to all sides. It might take a bit of practice to get the hang of making the arrangement in your hand. But once you get it, it is a snap!

Give the stems a cut

Cut all the tulip stems at the same time. First, decide where you want your flower heads. To measure, move your vase to the edge of the table and hold the flowers where you want them. Then make your cut.

The taller your tulips are from the top of the vase, the more likely they are to splay outwards and lose their tight form. Did you know that tulips are one of the only cut flowers that continue to grow once they are cut? That means that day by day, they will get a bit taller and flow above the vase. Feel free to cut them daily if you want to keep a tight look.

Place your flowers in the vase

Make sure to hold your tulips in their shape the whole time. When the stems are touching the bottom of the vase, let go of the arrangement. Ta da! Your tulip arrangement is ready to brighten up your home!


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