A Floral Chandelier with 10,000 Spray Roses

Let’s look back on a highly successful 25th edition of Fleuramour, where floral designers from all over the world went to the limits of their imagination to surprise the visitors with a magical world of flowers. One of the most stunning floral arrangements was the giant floral chandelier on the castle’s courtyard, created by Ukrainian top florist Olena Driuchan.

Lovely Design With Spray Roses In Heartwarming Colours

At the silver jubilee of Fleuramour, a huge decoration made by a team of Ukrainian floral designers graced the castle courtyard. Directed by top florist Olena Driuchan, they created an impressive floral chandelier with 10,000 spray roses in a very extensive colour palette ranging from deep reds, cerise to warm roses and soft and old rose hues.

The flower installation, in wich the diveristy of the flowers really stood out, was an ode to Ukrainian women and a clear statement against the war currently taking place in their country.

Interplant Spray Roses Fleuramour 2022
© Fleuramour / PSG

“‘Love is magic! Ukrainian women have a duty to preserve the culture and traditions of Ukraine. They have a powerful weapon for this purpose: love. Love for themselves, for their partners, for their children and parents. Love for work. Love for the country and the people. And love for the whole world. Love is the most important magic! And the centre of this magic is a loving woman. A woman can do anything when she loves. She loves, believes and fills the whole world with her energy. Therefore, love will save the world. Love! And believe in the magic of love!” – Olena Driuchan, main designer of the work in the courtyard.

The floral artwork was opened on the first day of the event with a festive, yet emotional ceremony in which the floral chandelier was highlighted with a dance performance by Ukrainian artists. A very beautiful, yet emotional moment for all attendees. The ladies, the music and the overall ambiance were truly overwhelming.

Interplant Spray Roses Fleuramour 2022
© Fleuramour / Blush Photography

Let’s Get Started: Creating With Spray Roses

Where the wonderful world of Fleuramour ends after a wonderful long weekend, the growers continue. Would you like to create a small floral design, inspired on this wonderful atmosphere, and again to imagine yourself in the fantastic ambiance of the event? Then spray roses can’t be missing!

If you have also discovered the magic of the spray rose, show your creation to the growers who have ensured that this product has risen even further in popularity. The spray rose today is of high quality, and has an extensive diversity in shape and color.

Olena Driuchan was able to use the diverse assortment of spray roses from the following growers: Braam Roses, Mzurrie Flowers, Flora Ola Ltd., Golden Tulip Farms, Everflora Flower Farm, Eldama Roses, Sian Flowers and the breeder of these spray roses, Interplant Roses. Together with many more growers, they form the “World of Spray Roses” group. The romantic spray roses made their way to Olena’s heart, and thus were allowed to flourish as the main product in her passionate artwork.


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