A Floral Interview with Teresa Skues about the new International Floral Art publication

Talented florists all around the world create artful designs that surprise and move us. These ephemeral designs, transcending simple natural beauty, can only be immortalised and safeguarded for the future in snapshots and in the pages of great books, like the International Floral Art publication. It is with pride that the ninth edition of this unique book brings you a fine selection of international floral design. Fleur Creatif had an exclusive interview with Teresa Skues, the artistic mind who created the flower arrangement on the cover of the book.

Who is Teresa Skues?

Fleur Creatif Magazine: A Floral Interview with Teresa Skues about the International Floral Art
Teresa Skues

Teresa Skues is a freelance floral designer in Singapore. She found her love of floristry and design quite some years ago when a friend asked her to join a flower arranging class. Whilst she had no particular interest in this ‘hobby’, she was in for a very big surprise. Eventually, she fell head over heels with everything floral.

Teresa now has her own flowershop ‘Floral Connexion‘. With a contemporary, architectural style, she brings together form and structure with the stunning beauty of natural elements. She loves to share her passion for floral design by facilitating workshops, demos and private tuition.’

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‘There is always something new to try and discover.’

FLEUR: Is it the first time you participate in the International Floral Art? Did you decide yourself to participate or did someone convince you? 

TERESA: ‘It is the first time for me to enter the International Floral Art competition. I have previous editions of the book and enjoy looking through and being inspired. It was my friend who encouraged me to enter. I was hesitant.’

FLEUR: What does it mean to you to have your creation on the cover?

TERESA: ‘I am really honoured and humbled that my work was chosen.  There are so many talented designers who enter.’

FLEUR: Can you explain your works? What is the story about the bird you created?

TERESA:  ‘My work can vary. It usually starts with one thing that inspires me and the design develops from there.
For the bird on the cover of the International Floral Art publication, the initial inspiration came from the Nepenthes plant I have in my garden and the shape of the pitcher. I thought it would be an interesting design to create a hummingbird hovering above the pitcher. I made a few different size birds from wire before I refined the design. Using the Callicarpa Berries on the chest and the Pittosporum Leaf for the wings brought the bird to life.’

FLEUR: There are two more designs of you in this ninth edition. Which design is your favourite? And which one was the most fun to create?

TERESA:  ‘My favourite from the two is the blue/green bridal bouquet made from a small spider wire frame, Stipa grass and beads. I love the colour of the Stipa grass, and the elegance, softness and movement created with this piece.’

‘The design the most fun to create was the piece with the natural coloured stipa grass and the chilli’s. This piece used an abundance of contrasting materials and textures together, like they would grow in nature. You can’t see it from the picture, but the design was created on a piece of wood with many difference plant materials grouped together. This piece feels very natural and botanical to me.’

FLEUR: What are your future dreams in floral design?

TERESA:  ‘My dream is to always keep trying, to achieve, to learn, to create and keep my passion alive. I feel you must never stop learning and there is always something new to try and discover.’

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