A lot of Spring Splendour in New Fleur Créatif

The new edition of Fleur Créatif features a lot of spring splendour. We bring the “joy of life” with innovative and original Hellebore creations. Colourful tulips and flared branches are an indispensable part of spring. Our Fleur Créatif florists bring tips and ideas of how to best handle these materials.

Although blue is not the first colour we think of when we mention the word “nature”, there are a lot of blue flowers in spring: Hyacinths, violets, forget-me-nots, anemones, grapes, Scilla… They push us to think “out of the box” and allow us to create something whimsical.

After the baroque winter table decorations of warm colours and candlelight, we need fresh white, yellow and pastel tones.

The “Biological” spring trend also engages with nature. Nature is definitely one of the biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to trends! Biological puts green, purple and pink in the spotlight. Enjoy a creative spring and pick a lot of flowers from the garden. We won’t be able to stop spring anyway!


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