A Luminous Star | Warm orange pink and gold

Symbols play an important role in our lives. The luminous star is a symbol of eternity, of light in the darkness and therefore of hope. Something we now need more than ever. So let’s get started and create your own star in the example of master floral artist Stefan Van Berlo (Belgium).

Make this luminous star yourself!

What do you need?

  • Phalaenopsis, butterfly orchid | Limonium, sea lavender | Pinus, pine cones | Schinus terebinthifolius, Pink pepper balls | Rosa, freeze-dried roses | Pachyveria, succulent | Tillandsia xerographica
  • Aluminium wire | Gold wire | Stub wire | Drill | Lamp | Water vials

How do you make it?

Step 1: Make leaves out of aluminium wire and wind them with gold wire until you have a solid shape.
Step 2:  Insert long stub wires in a drill together with the gold thread and wind the latter around the stub wires.
Step 3:  Attach the leaves to the wrapped stub wires so you’ll get tendrils with gold leaves.
Step 4: Shape it into a star around the lamp. Fortify the star shape and make it look fuller with aluminium wire.
Step 5: First fill it with Limonium. They don’t have to be placed in water vials, because Limonium will dry perfectly.
Step 6:  Secure the pine cones into the star with aluminium wire.
Step 7:  Glue the pepper and the freeze-dried roses onto the arrangement.
Step 8: Insert the Phalaenopsis in the water vials and onto the arrangement.
Step 9:  As a finishing touch cover the star shape with Tillandsia leaves.

A design by Stefan Van Berlo for Fleur Creatif winter 2019.

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