A magical spring with Fleur Créatif

Are you already longing for spring? Then we have lovely news for you, because the new Fleur Créatif Magazine is coming your way! This spring edition is packed with lots of inspiration for the new season.

80 pages of magnificent flower trends

In the new Fleur Créatif Spring issue, we will showcase a few nice yellow creations with fragrant Mimosa. We will present some arrangements where we use bulbs, daisies or peonies and we will give you a great incentive to surprise the one you love with flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Whenever you browse through our issues, you soon come to realise that floral arranging is an art. You can always experiment with vegetative materials, but if you want to really master the art, there are some excellent schools who can teach you that art. In this issue, we showcase the Daniel Ost Academy, the Academy of Flowerdesign of Nicole von Boletzky and the Akademie für Naturgestaltung of Frans-Josef Wein.

Schools teach future masters, who then perpetuate that chain of education. This is how the French master florist Frédéric Dupré became a teacher with his own unique views. We would also like to introduce the Japanese master Hideyuki Niwa and his philosophy.

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We wish you a lot of reading and learning enjoyment and a healthy New Year.

Flip through the spring issue

? UPDATE: Fleur Créatif will not be available in local shops outside Belgium (Germany, France, Luxembourg, UK, Netherlands) due to the coronavirus pandemic. The magazine is however available in Belgium.

? All subscribers will receive the magazine, including those abroad. Of course, the magazine can still be ordered from our webshop.


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