A Play on Red Hues | Autumn DIY

Let’s get creative! Autumn has started, so we’re playing with warm red hues in our flower arrangements. Fleur@Home designer Charlotte Bartholomé decorates with an eye for detail. Follow the step-by-step and do it yourself!

What you need


  • Physalis
  • Panicum
  • Anigozanthos
  • Rosa, rose hip
  • Rosa, roses
  • Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemums

Other materials

  • Large conical plastic vials
  • Jute in different colours
  • Thick cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Skewers
  • Adhesive tape
  • OASIS® floral foam

How you make it

1. Cut identical circles from your cardboard.
2. Place your vial in the middle of the round and secure with skewers and tape.
3. Wrap the whole thing with your jute and finish by gluing it to the top of the cardboard.
4. Make a farandole by attaching the single cardboard rings and the vials to the cardboard base using hot glue and skewers.
5. Fill your vials with a piece of floral foam.
6. Garnish with a nice assortment of autumn flowers.

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