A portrait of French master florist Frédéric Dupré

Frédéric Dupré has had many career paths within floral art: employee, flower shop owner, teacher… But what means floral art to him? ‘My innermost feelings are expressed with flowers’, he explains in the new Fleur Creatif issue.

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From palaeontologist to florist

As a young boy, Frédéric dreamt of being a palaeontologist. He wasn’t really familiar with the world of flowers and it definitely wasn’t his first calling.

The prospect of a difficult professional and private career path in palaeontology made him decide to choose a different path. He decided to become a landscape designer. But once he had his diploma, he wasn’t convinced that he had made the right choice. He obtained another degree in ‘horticulture’.

That’s when he took a summer job at a florist in his hometown of Gien. He was able to really let his creativity run wild. He decided to delve into this profession and enrolled in a floral arranging course, but it wasn’t easy to be a 20-year-old amongst 16-year-old fellow students, so Frédéric opted to enrol in an adult education course.

His teacher quickly realised that Frédéric had a lot more to offer. After 14 days of training, she secretly enrolled him in the ‘Meilleur Apprenti de France’ competition (Best Apprentice of France). Totally unexpectedly, he won the gold medal!

After his education, he started his career in the world of floristry. He had his own flower shops and became an international teacher in floral art after he met the management of Sikastone (China) at Fleuramour.

In the new Fleur Creatif spring issue, you will find a portrait of and an interview with French master floral artist_Frédéric Dupré. He show some of his masterpieces in the magazine. Buy yours know in the Fleur Creatif bookshop.
© Frédéric Dupré ‘Texture bouquet! I used a classic flower like Solidago to make the structure of my bouquet. In this creation, the flowers become material.’

The deep meaning of floral art

Let’s go a little deeper into what floral art means to Frédéric Dupré.

’Floral art has a very deep meaning for me. It’s a way of expressing yourself. Flowers enable you to express your feelings and ideas that are completely separate from the flowers. I can express my deepest thoughts with flowers. This was how I developed my own theory, which is quite different from the ideas of other floral artists. It is not about linear or parallel arranging, or about a certain style, but rather about a form of floral expression’, tells Frédéric Dupré.

‘When I explain my theory to students in China, for example, they are riveted. It’s something completely different from what they hear from other teachers. It’s about the soul of floral art.’

‘What I mean by that is that I think it is important to be interested in EVERYTHING. You need to fire all the synapses in your head. You have to be like a sponge that absorbs everything around you. Of course, it’s also important to learn all the techniques, especially international techniques. Each country has their own techniques and it’s very important to be familiar with them and to mix them up.’

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