A Russian Christmas Village

Inspired by the West, but influenced by their own traditions and customs, Russian florists have created a cosy Christmas village full of flowers.

Christmas celebrations in Russia

Have you ever walked around Moscow at Christmas time? The Orthodox faith is an essential component of Russian society and the significance of the Russian Christmas celebrations with all their traditions. At the same time, Russia is confronted on a large scale with Western Christmas celebrations, Western products and traditions.

Young Russians in particular embraced this lifestyle with great enthusiasm and since Western Christmas celebrations, including Santa Claus, gifts and flowery decorations are an integral part of this lifestyle, the demand for these grew enormously.

Take a look at the pictures and enjoy the vibes!

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Creations: Alexander Bermyakov and studio Bermyakovy (Christmas tree, cake, outdoor creations).
Studio Drevo Zhelanij, Natalya Soeslova (table decoration) – Alexandra Sapozhnikova (main decoration with chrysanthemums)

Photography Svetlana Tsirkunova

Location – Datsja Park Shishki na Lampusjkach

Flower Experience in collaboration with Just Chrys

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