A Sparkling Vintage Bridal Party Thanks To Max Hurtaud

The French-Belgian master florist Max Hurtaud makes us dream of a beautiful wedding. For his theme ‘Vintage Natural’, he uses only lisianthus and combines powerful white with silver-grey and caramel.

‘Vintage Natural’ is an interesting theme. With dried grasses in natural shades, you can endlessly combine lisianthus in these trend colours. This interplay of natural vintage shades works perfectly. But they are also strong flowers and the different white varieties make the difference. That much is clear from the beautiful photo shoot by 2Dezign in collaboration with Max Hurtaud.

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You really don’t do the flower justice by tying them together. Lisianthus demands that you use all your skills and create something spectacular with it. It is a very versatile product, because with many branches you can create really large arrangements, but also a refined flower crown. In addition to an eye-catching backdrop in the forest and tent decoration, I have also made six handmade bouquets of different sizes with a natural look.

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Traditions for bridal bouquets differ worldwide. Each country has its own culture. In America, you mainly see large bouquets, while in Belgium the smaller frame bouquets are appreciated. In Japan, they go for pure with sometimes just one flower and in India, brides carry bouquets like a jewellery bag.


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More and more often, large wedding parties with all the trimmings from India and America are supplanting European traditions. Decorating a marquee at the photo shoot location fits in perfectly with this image. By using the same style as the bridal bouquet and giving both the table decorations and the marquee a festive atmosphere, this will add something extra to the photo book later on. Finding the right mix of flowers and natural materials and balancing them with all the elements is important. Wedding themes are very personal. It is therefore important that florists keep showing their skills and creativity.

Who is Max Hurtaud ?

Max Hurtaud is a French master florist based in Brussels. His love for flowers and plants dates back to his childhood. This made a course of study at the floral art school inevitable, and an internship in England was his first international floral step. By now, his flower power reaches all over the world, from Bolivia to Belarus and from the US to Japan. Being a master florist translates Max into various skills, such as teaching, demonstrating, creating flower events and flower exhibitions. But the most important thing is to create. Creating something unique and beautiful for everyone. In addition, Max plays the saxophone, because rhythm gives him even more inspiration, which manifests itself in pure magic.

Photos & text : 2Dezign  

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