Agora Introduces 5 Fashionable Winter Themes

Internationally, Agora is known for its quality: daily supplies of fresh cut flowers, a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants, basic supplies as well as the latest trends in decoration. This winter, the Agora family sketches 5 classic winter themes which incorporate trends from all around the world. Today on the menu: CHROMATIC // DREAMS.

A utopian world of CHROMATIC // DREAMS

This theme arises from the reflecting colors of melting ice as the sunlight breaks through the cold. Think of translucent and crystalline colors swirls of silver, pink, and purple merge and interrupt the frost of winter to spring.

Gone with the icy wind and circular forms, draw in abstract lines, characterized by inconsistencies. Like a dream, perspective and consciousness give away to exciting and illusory views, making CHROMATIC // DREAMS a very playful theme.

Be inspired!

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