Angelica Lacarbonara About The New Trends In Bridal Work

Angelica Lacarbonara is an Italian master florist who runs a school for professional florists. One of her specialities is bridal work. She certainly follows the trends closely. ‘The common thread in the bridal trends of 2021/2022 is definitely the abundance of flowers, green materials and dried materials. Maybe this is a result of that freedom we are all currently looking for.’

A floral wedding in 2021/2022

Bridal work also has its trends. Thoughtful details are becoming more important than over-the-top decorations in 2021/2022. Pinterest plays an important role as a source of inspiration.

In Fleur Créatif – summer edition, Ness Klorofyl, Eglantine Blanckaert, Lisa Maria Thalmayer and Angelica Lacarbonara bring a professional interpretation of new trends in bridal work. We had an interview with floral designer Angelica Lacarbonara.

Who is Angelica Lacarbonara?

? An Italian florist and floral designer
? She lives and works in Italy, where she has her own flower shop.
? She teaches floral art and works as a demonstrator.

“I am currently totally dedicated to my shop, events and weddings. Let’s hope the whole COVID situation will calm down.”

How did you come into contact with the flower world?

“I fell in love with flowers after attending a course in window dressing and room decoration. I have really always been an artistic person, so I decided to open a shop and started my florist training.”

What does a life with flowers mean to you?

“Good question. Flowers always make you feel surprised and offer that wonderful feeling of an infinite discovery. You can feel emotion just by looking at simple flowers in a vase. You can enjoy their shape and development.”

“Some days I am overwhelmed by inspiration and then I start composing, sometimes aimlessly, at other times with clear ideas for an idea or project. Every day is a discovery.”

In Fleur Créatif summer edition, you show three different styles: bohemian, garden and elegant/modern. Which one is your personal favourite and why?

“I don’t have a favourite. I think every style becomes a favourite depending on the bride I have in front of me. Every bride has a story of her own, a dream of her own and a style of her own. I think it’s the most beautiful thing to discover this over time and create a personalised fairy tale.”

“Sometimes I am very romantic, very classical, very elegant. The next day, I can transform my ideas into pure, absolute minimalist design. It depends on my mood and it also depends on the customers. One sure thing is that I like to change, discover and always have new discoveries to make.”

Which style is most requested by customers?

“In Italy, it is certainly classical, romantic or elegant. Many people like a garden style, but I would put it in second place, and then there are some very trendy customers who like alternative things.”

Is most attention paid to the bridal bouquet or are other floral details becoming more important?

“Normally, in a wedding, the first two important things are the bride’s dress and immediately after the bouquet, minus the accessories.”

What do you think is the significance of flowers at a wedding?

“The flowers in a wedding are the soul, the musical notes, the essence of the stage-setting. They are the main part of the wedding. Flowers can create a fairy tale or, if not enough attention is paid or they are done badly, they can destroy an event. Perhaps they are even more important than many other things that go around the event itself.”

What is your main source of inspiration?

“Nature, fashion, ancient history and sometimes the materials themselves throw ideas at me.”

What does the future hold for you?

“This is also a good question. COVID has created many dreams, but looking forward now I hope to return soon to live teaching. I have worked via webinars during the last year and a half. Normally, we start to get ready for Christmas during the autumn.”

“I would like to resume work in the wholesalers of the floral sector and return to work showcasing my ideas. I think this is already forward-looking; small steps will take us back to the old ways of working and also travel abroad will resume. “

“Anyway, I will visit Belgium during October. I have to finish a course I started right in the middle of the pandemic, and which I’ve been continuing throughout these long months. Now it’s time for the exams to complete the diploma that I will take in Bruges in October.”

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