Fleur Créatif Autumn | Interview with Sören Van Laer

Autumn has begun. That means a new edition of Fleur Créatif full of inspiration and ideas! We were given the opportunity to speak with Sören Van Laer, florist behind the design on the cover of this new magazine. Read the interview here and let yourself be inspired to get started with flowers. Above all: enjoy this wonderful season!

Create the right atmosphere with autumn flowers

In the autumn issue of Fleur Creatif, we surprise with cozy creations in warm autumn colors.

  • We innovate with typical autumn materials such as leaves, berries, cabbages and fruits.
  • We introduce you to an unfamiliar side of autumn and start working with less obvious and less well-known materials. How about a cactus creation or a bowl made from chestnut burrs?
  • We also highlight sustainable materials in this issue. We like to showcase the latest environmentally friendly products from Smithers-Oasis.
  • We put Physalis in the spotlight and give you 4 original ideas with the Chinese lantern plant.
  • We look back at 24 years of Fleuramour. We were planning to celebrate the silver jubilee this year with a fairytale edition, but COVID-19 decided otherwise. In Fleur Créatif autumn, we offer you an overview of some remarkable ‘court of honour creations’.
  • We introduce you to some of the participants of the European Chamionships of 2021 in Poland. With in this edition: Georgios Nikolakopoulos (Griekenland), Caroline Crabb (Verenigd Koninkrijk), Jimmy Englund (Zweden), Gabor Nagy (Hongarije), Katharina Albrechtsen (Denemarken), Johannes Struber (Oostenrijk), Yulia Medvedyeva (Estland).
  • We will show you 12 mysterious floral hairstyle arrangements by Marianna Debchinskaya, master floral artist and the Ukrainian candidate for the European Championships.

Fleur Créatif Autumn will be released in week 37. Please take a look in the magazine here:


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Cover design: Rose wreath wrapped in laurel leaf

On the cover of the new Fleur Créatif issue, there is a beautiful creation with a mix of roses and nutans, wrapped in dried laurel leaves. We spoke with Sören Van Laer, the florist behind this design.

“This floral design is based on a bowl in which I put my fruit at home. In floral form, it became a bowl made of laurel leaves containing a beautiful selection of Decofresh roses in sober colors. The work was adapted to the room in which the creation is exhibited. The floral design is located in the notary’s house in Bornem, in a room with a very unique atmosphere. Of course, this setting demanded a special floral arrangement.”

However, the rose wreath isn’t Sören’s ultimate favourite. According to the floral artist, his greatest achievement is one of his other works from the autumn edition of Fleur Créatif. “After all, my favorite work from the autumn magazine is the circle made of freeze-dried rose petals from Avalane. In combination with the special colors of the ornamental cabbage, they form a beautiful whole. Moreover, I love all kinds of circles. In a way, it feels like you are being sucked into this work. The pure form and the sobriety of a work are two important things to me. And in this design of mine, I find these two things the most”.

Would you like to make these two flower arrangements yourself? Order Fleur Créatif Autumn and discover how to get started!

Do you want to know more about this floral designer? Visit the website of Sören Van Laer.


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