Bart Hassam from Australia is World Champion Floral Art 2019

Bart Hassam from Australia is the new World Champion Floral Art. Russia’s Natalia Zhizhko finished second. Tamás Mezoffy from Hungary third.

After three days of high-level competition, the World Cup Floral Art in Philadelphia went to a climax. 5 of the 23 competitors reached the Grand Final, where they had to make another floral masterpiece.

Bart Hassam seeks to create beauty through plant material with elegance and appropriateness, but above all, with a respect for the flower. His work is also inspired by Asian floral design.

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Who is Bart Hassam?

  • Nationality: Australia
  • World Champion Floral Art 2019
  • 1x Intercontinental/Asia Cup Winner – Taipei, Taiwan 2011
  • 5x Australian Interflora Florist of the Year (2015, 2013, 2009, 2005, 2002)
  • 5x Queensland Interflora Florist of the Year (2015, 2013, 2009, 2005, 2002)
  • 2x Queensland Interflora Junior Florist of the Year (1995, 1994)
  • 3x Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show  – Design Competition Champion (2002, 2000, 1999)
  • 1x Intercontinental/Asia Cup – Winner – Taipei, Taiwan 2011
  • International Floral Designer, Demonstrator, Teacher, Lecturer in Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Co-owner of Maison Fleur Floral Design, Brisbane 2018

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>> View the Final Classificiation here


1. Australia Bart Hassam
2. Russia Natalia Zhizhko
3. Hungary Tamás Mezoffy
4. Germany Stephan Triebe
5. Czech Republic Premysl Hytych
6. South Corea Myeon Oh
7. China Wei Yao
8. Italy Vincenzo Antonuccio
9. Japan Kazuhiro Sugimoto
10. Finland Pirjo Koppi
11. UK Laura Leong
12. Chinese Taipei Kelvin Lee
13. France Hervé Frézal
14. Netherlands Hans Zijlstra
15. Norway Elin Susan Havreberg
16. Denmark Kristine Gudiksen
17. Sweden Sofie Danielsson Söhr
18. Spain Lina Roig
19. USA Katharina Stuart
20. Canada Paul Jaras
21. Mexico Leopodo Gomez
22. Hong Kong Solomon Leong
23. Vietnam Nam Bao


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