Birthday Calendar with Male Bodies & Flowers

On the occasion of his 35th birthday, Stefan Van Berlo released his “Birthday Calendar”: a gorgeously illustrated birthday calendar featuring 12 projects showcasing the purity and the natural forms of body and flower lovingly entwined.

Stefan Van Berlo is a valued young ambitious Belgian floral artist, always on the lookout for a new challenge. He has won many national and international prizes and awards.


The designs exclusively made for this calendar are a clear reflection of Stefan’s personality and illustrate his vision on flower arrangement. Floral art: where the fragile and the frail are brought into a harmonious union with the powerful and the passionate.

Johan Vos is a photographer who specializes in model shoots and floral photography with a passion for the male body.


Birthday Calendar

Author : Stefan Van Berlo
Photography : Johan Vos
€ 20 | Full colour | A3 size hanging calendar

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