Book – International Floral Art 2014/15 – Jubilee Edition

Internationa floral annual Jubilee1Contemporary floral design thrills, amazes and delights. It can raise questions, confuse and overwhelm and at the same time it inspires and motivates.

The International Floral Art series is testimony to the fantastic things that can be achieved with flowers. It is a state of the art of floral design, showcasing endless possibilities, introducing new materials and unconventional techniques and above all celebrating creativity, innovation and fresh ideas. It offers a glimpse into the works of both well-known designers as well as budding florists; young talents wanting to make an artistic stand. Compiling no less than 280 awe-inspiring designs from all around the globe, this festive 10-year jubilee edition of the book is a feast for the eyes. The International Floral Art is the ultimate floral design reference and simply a must-have for anyone with a flair for floral design.

Misc – 29 x 24 cm –  HC – 304 p. – English – 59.90 euros

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