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Sunny creations with yellow flowers and citrus fruits, blooming lavender or a fragrant rosemary. This new Fleur Créatif Magazine brings a range of floral ideas for the summer. Definitely the season with the biggest range of flower species!

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80 pages of summer inspiration for your floral designs

We celebrate Mother’s Day!
With a symbolic flower heart, you can tell your mother how much you love her without any words. Our florists created some beautiful designs.

Wedding inspiration
Summer is the season par excellence for weddings. A bridal party is more than a bridal bouquet, a few bouquets for the bridesmaids and some corsages. The garden, the tables, as well as the entire wedding location also get a floral touch. Get inspired!

Wedding inspiration in the floral magazine Fleur Créatif - Summer 2022
Wedding inspiration in Fleur Créatif – Summer 2022 © Florist Vercamer

DIY Flower theme: Yellow summer joy with citrus
Citrus fruits not only bring a southern feeling, they also have a wonderfully fresh scent. They are a source of inspiration for our refreshing summer creations.

DIY Flower theme: Enchanting, fragile and spicy
Herbs have a brilliant decorative value. Our florists show nice creations to give the terrace a spicy touch.

DIY Flower theme: Floral garden art
You can’t have a garden party without flowers, right? Our Fleur Créatif floral artists created floral art pieces to stick in the grass.

DIY Flower theme: Framed Summer abundance
Summer means an abundance of flowers in all shapes and colours. We bring this summer floral wealth into focus in an antique, vintage or modern painting.

Minsk Flower School in the spotlight
A very special entry by Iryna Rakhuba for the Fleuramour 2021 online bridal bouquets competition introduced us to the Minsk Flower School. This is an ideal opportunity to put them and some of their prominent floral artists in the spotlight.

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