Celebrate Halloween

Trick or treat ! On October 31, children will dress up as ghosts or with creepy masks to scare the wits out of you. Are you already into the Halloween spirit ?

Charlotte Bartholomé made this colourful Halloween structure. Give it a try !



  • Vanda, orchid
  • Rose, rosehips
  • Solanum tuberosum, dried
  • Physalis
  • Summer squash
  • Metal structure
  • OASIS® Bindwire
  • Thick wire
  • Brown gutta
  • Orange wool
  • Little lady figurine (bridesmaid size)
  • OASIS®



  1. Make bundles of the Solanum vine and attach these to your metal structure.
  2. Manipulate the Bindwire to make a crown shape that you fix under the little lady.
  3. Fix a long, thick piece of wire to the sleeve of the figurine and wind the wool all around the sleeve and the wire.
  4. Attach what you have just prepared to your Solanum structure.
  5. Fix the mini pumpkins to the structure, using the thick wire covered in gutta.
  6. Finish with garlands of Physalis.


You will find dozens of floral creations in Fleur@Home Winter 2018 !

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