Christmas Trends in Summer

With melting ice cream under the burning sun, philosophizing about the Christmas trends? Yessss, because if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in December, you should already be reading the trends for the 2019/2020 holiday season. Luminous Celebrations is one of the trends you shouldn’t miss.

Luminous Celebrations is all about party time, glitter and glamour, shiny bubble effects and futuristic music. In other words, extravagant!

Features: glamorous, spectacular, Xmas couture

Colours: Vibrant shades, light but shimmering colours, changing metal colours, elegant and dark shades. Also typical of this trend are different colours that seem to be mixed together with a paint brush.

Shapes and materials: Ultra-glossy finishes, rainbow-coloured surfaces, sequins, shimmering feathers and velvet. Rock textures and a marble and metallic sheen in bronze and gold are also typical.


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