Create Atmosphere with Wintry Materials

The cold winter and the joyful festive season is rapidly approaching. Time to give our interior an extra festive accent with flowers and decorative materials. Be inspired by the floral splendour in the new Fleur Créatif Magazine.

Fleur Créatif winter is out now!

♥️ Hellebore extensively highlighted
A special flower that is one of the only ones that appear in the winter landscape and that is very much loved by floral artists.

♥️ Classic and innovative Advent wreaths in warm red hues
With red fruits to complete the creation. Between the proposed wreaths there is something for everyone.

♥️ Inspiration with pine cones
A typical winter material that you can collect in nature and is just perfect in so many nice creations.

♥️ Icy winter designs with typical winter ingredients such as snow, ice, wax, candles and white light
Including an icy candle, wintry pine branches and a table decoration with white poplar branches.

♥️ Alternative bird feeders
With an aesthetic creation of wax and seeds, the birds can enjoy a delicious feast for days on end.

♥️ Inspiration for dressing (party) spaces
Impressive floral designs in winter colours to dress up large spaces or shop windows. Think of a huge inverted Christmas tree, a red flower cloud, flower walls and wintry columns, a luminous decoration with Gypsophilia…

Step-by-step instructions have been added to the floral creations in the Fleur Créatif Autumn Special, so that you can easily make them at home yourself. Buy this edition now or subscribe for more fun!

We wish you a happy festive season and lots of creative fun.

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