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The dahlia can easily win any versatility competition. It doesn’t just thrash its rivals when it comes to colours; the enormous variation of size and flower shapes also makes it exceptional. We’re putting the dahlia in the spotlight with the design ‘Conical vases full of flowers’.

An eye-catching flower from Mexico

The dahlia is a tuberous plant that originates from Mexico. Europeans brought the flower back with them to Europe when they first sailed over to Central America. The flower was named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, one of Linnaeus’span pupils.

Colours and shapes

This stunning flower is all about the petals. Sometimes they are evenly coloured and subtle, other times they are noticeably bright with spots or stripes. Some varieties have a single row of petals, while others have dozens — this fabulous flower has an incredible number of colour and shape variations. For example, the petals can be round, elongated or even rolled.

Conical vases full of flowers

What do you need?

Dahlia, orange
‘Peach Avalanche’ Rose
Aspidistra, leaf

White ceramic footed tubes

How do you make it?

Moisten the OASIS® Lady inserts and place them into the white ceramic tubes. Now insert the orange flowers and finish with aspidistra leaf.

‘Conical vases full of flowers’ is a design by Constantin Huart from the Fleur Créatif summer issue 2020.


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