Daniel Santamaria is the Ambassador 2015 for Gloriosa TDB

The new Gloriosa TDB Ambassador is Daniel Santamaria from Spain. Daniel’s role in the 2015 edition of Glorious Days is to share the beauty, knowledge and craftsmanship of working with this stunning flower.
Tomas De Bruyne: ‘We are so excited to have Daniel on board this year. We see him as someone who embodies our ethos and encourages our ‘metier’ across the world.’

Daniel Santamaria is a florist with a career that has been developed between the artistic research and teaching. His creative evolution of solid training he has learned from the great European masters, until he accomplished a defined style. His residence is divided between Hamburg (Germany) where he shares Floristik Projekt, with his partner Britta Ohlrogge and Barcelona (Spain), where he works as artistic director of l’Escola d’Art Floral de Catalunya. His constant travels around the world have allowed him to receive influences from different cultures that have helped him enrich his cultural background.


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