Design Shows “Passion for Flowers” @ IPM ESSEN

Throwback time! At the 2020 edition of IPM ESSEN, an international team of ambassadors from Floral Fundamentals brought a new-style demonstration to the trade fair. Here you can find a photo report of those high level design shows.

From 28 to 30 January, three amazing floral design shows were given at the IPM in Essen. These international floristry shows stand for unusual and innovative flower designs. The demonstration was titled  “Passion for Flowers” and was presented by G-Fresh, Floral Fundamentals and FDF.

The Association of German Florists offers its guests a strong flowery line-up. On stage were:

  • Laura Leong, UK (11th at the world championships in Philadelphia)
  • Dominique Herold, Germany
  • Hans Zijlstra, Netherlands (14th at the World Cup)
  • Timo Bolte, Austria
  • Stefan van Berlo, Belgium (floral artist for Fleur Créatif)

At all three “Passion for Flowers” shows the tribunes were packed and the arrangers were given a standing ovation. There were many florist students among the public this year. Schools from several countries had rented a bus and came in large numbers with their students.

It was definitely an exciting presentation, which included music combined with passionate botanical – Body Art!

Enjoy the photo report!
© Jhon Koopman,

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