DIY | A Wreath of Pinecones

The creative possibilities with pinecones are endless. Fleur @ Home florist Charlotte Bartholomé creates a natural wreath, perfect as a decoration for autumn, winter or Christmas. Learn how to make this wreath yourself by following Charlotte’s step-by-step instructions.

Supplies you will need for the pinecone wreath

(dried lianes)
Pinus, pine cones
Christmas tree branches

Christmas tree baubles
Metal stars
Golden Christmas decoration
Metal ring
Natural rope
Golden wire
Stub wire
Brown wire

How do you make it?

Step 1: Cover the metal ring with natural rope.
Step 2: Make garlands with the dry lianes of Muehlenbeckia.
Step 3: Put a stub wire in the centre and wrap it with brown wire.
Step 4: Give the garlands the desired shape. Attach them to your ring. Also secure the greenery to it.
Step 5: Prepare garlands of pine cones with the golden wire and hang them over your wreath.
Step 6: Secure the large stars with wire and a dot of glue.
Step 7: Finish with different decorative elements.

A design by Charlotte Bartholomé for Fleur Créatif Magazine – Special Autumn 2020.

>> I want this magazine!

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