Clematis, Star of the Show | DIY

In recent years, Clematis has become a very rewarding and popular cut flower. Clematis can play a major supporting role in creations, but also works great as the star of the show.


by Céline Moureau

What you need

  • Chasmantium latifolium, wood oats
  • Astrantia ‘Star of Love’, great masterwort
  • Clematis
  • Eryngium, snakeroot
  • Hoya carnosa, wax flower
  • Echeveria
  • 16 stub wires
  • Gold leaf and glue
  • Anchor Tape OASIS®
  • Decorative thread
  • Dried black balls (setarea)

How you make it

Create the structure of the bouquet. Bind the 16 wires with the Anchor Tape. Hold them in your hand and fold the wires. Bind them 2 by 2, then spread them out according to the ‘twist’ principle.

Cut the hoyas and attach them to the structure in a spiral. Attach the setareas using the decorative thread. Feel free to let them hang slightly. Attach the gold leaf to the echeverias and then cut them flush. Stick a rigid wire into the rest of the stem. Place them in your structure as if they were flowers.

Make your bouquet by mixing the varieties of flowers.


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