DIY Flowery Ballad For Early Spring

In her grandparents’ garden, Eglantine is delighted to discover the most beautiful flowers. This is a place where she feels at home and finds a lot of inspiration. In this colourful, flowery family environment she decided to make this creation with a mixture of fresh and dried flowers.

What you need

  • Muscari, blue grape hyacinth
  • Tulipa, Tulip
  • Clematis, traveller’s joy
  • Delphinium, larkspur
  • Alcea, freeze-dried Hollyhocks
  • 1 square of polystyrene
  • Wood glue
  • Glass test tubes with holes
  • Deco wire

How you make it

  1. Cover the polystyrene square with wood glue.
  2. Stick on the dried poppies.
  3. Attach the test tubes using the deco wire.
  4. Decorate with fresh flowers.

Enjoy springtime!

Find more inspiration in FLEUR!

Design: Eglantine Blanckaert

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