[DIY] Paper pot

They say ill weeds grow apace, no matter the conditions. But have you ever seen a healthy plant growing in a stack of wet paper? Now you do. 

Studio MUN, a South Korean design studio, has come up with a way to grow plants in a stack of wet paper. The paper pot can perform two functions: it can consume the flower’s water and it can serve as a humidifier as well.

The paper pot can be DIY if the basic tools are prepared. It can even be made of used paper, so from now on you know what to do with your scrap paper and junk mail. Upcycling at its best.

 The paper is moulded into a simple column, which looks sweet and pure in its raw minimalism. In this regard, MUN brings the elegance of natural materials and the eco-design game to a new level.

>>> munseungji.com


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