DIY: Special Flower Chandelier

This special flower chandelier may look complicated, but making it is deceptively easy – and it looks very impressive. Once hung, you’ll find yourself thinking you’re inside of a fantasy world. Discover how to make this flowery chandelier yourself.

You will need

  • Beautiful flowers: tulips, carnations and lilies
  • Various glassware – a mix of old and new pieces is ideal
  • Transparent construction adhesive (for glass and other materials)
  • Sturdy rope
Fleur Créatif floral magazine: DIY: Special Flower Chandelier

How to make it

STEP 1:  Stack the glass jars together so that it starts to look like a chandelier. Play with the shapes until you find one that really appeals to you. Be creative but don’t get too complicated, to ensure sure your chandelier remains stable.

STEP 2: Glue the glass together with the construction adhesive and let it dry as indicated on the instructions. As you can see, in this example an old vase and a wine glass were used.

STEP 3: Tie the rope at three points so that the chandelier can be straightened while its hanging. The principle is similar to that of the macramé pendant. Use a strong rope and make sure that the weight of the chandelier won’t pull the knots loose.

STEP 4: Fill the glass with water and insert the flowers.

This special flower chandelier DIY project perfectly matches the current spring/summer trend collection of, and is inspired by the Crazy Illusions style trend.  This is all about striking, colourful and playful combinations.

Fantasy and reality come together in this great DIY project. It creates a happy, exuberant atmosphere – perfect for relaxing and reflecting on life in these challenging times. This flower chandelier is great for displaying beautiful flowers which make you think of other places. We used lilies, which are part of our Trend Collection.

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