‘Ever since I was a child, I’ve had this love for nature’

Time to get to know the Fleur@Home floral artists fairly better! We talk to the cheerful Martine Meeuwssen about her passion for flowers. Among other things, she talks about her creative floral work in the spring special of Fleur Créatif@Home, where she puts the spotlight on materials such as clay, wool and stub wire.

Who Is Martine Meeuwssen?

? She freelances for flower shops in Belgium such as Bloemen Hilde Houtmeyers and Bloemen en Planten Jorun Huybrechts. She also regularly receives (freelance) assignments for larger floral projects and (wedding) parties.

? She is a frequent participant in professional floral artist competitions, including at the international flower event Fleuramour. At the beginning of 2021, she won the competition for ’The most beautifully decorated party table – Christmas 2020′, organised by Floreview.

? For the past three years, she has been feeling right at home in the Fleur@Home team.

? She adores spring, because everything in nature is just starting to bloom. Tulips and buttercups are her favourite spring flowers.

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Creating, experimenting and refining

FLEUR: Hello Martine, congratulations on your beautiful flower arrangements in the new Fleur@Home. Where did you learn how to make such beautiful creations? Is that something you were taught at school?

MARTINE:(Laughs) I studied elderly care. Something completely different, so… When I was 25, I came across a flower arranging course for hobbyists. I thought, that’s for me. That’s just what I want to do.’

‘That’s how it all got started. Later on, I even taught but then started working in flower shop Ambriosa by Tom De Houwer (internationally acclaimed floral artist). I worked in the studio for 20 years and learned a lot. Tom gave me the freedom to experiment and try things out. This allowed me to develop as a floral artist, and I got a better idea on how to compose things. I never had a professional training as a florist.’

FLEUR:  Does your love for flowers and nature come from your childhood?

MARTINE: ‘I’m sure. My parents had a farm, so I was always outside. I just loved flowers and everything that grows and blooms in nature. I picked wildflowers and made them into bouquets, or I weaved something out of some grasses. That love for nature was in me from an early age. My mother also loved flowers very much, so maybe it’s in my genes (Laughs).’

FLEUR:  In the Fleur@Home Special Springtime you put materials such as wool, stub wire and clay in the spotlight, in addition to flowers and other vegetation. Why do you enjoy working with these materials?

MARTINE: ‘If you’re working on a project, you usually use a vase or some kind of container, that’s it. By working with other materials, you are really going to create something yourself. With clay or stub wire, you can adjust the shape, however, you want so that you get a beautiful look. You are creating something unique.’

‘This type of floral work also involves more thought. For example, you need to figure out how to secure clay to a certain material. It’s a challenge, and I like that.’

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FLEUR:  Your creations with tiger orchids and corrugated cardboard are very special. How did you come up with the idea to use this material?

MARTINE: ‘Someone had given me some vases wrapped in corrugated cardboard. I had to be able to do something with that. The material had such a beautiful shape. I really wanted to get to work with it and integrate it into the project. Afterwards, I only added flowers that matched the appearance of the corrugated cardboard, so that it would become a beautiful arrangement. I also have fewer assignments at the moment because of Covid-19, so there is more time for experimentation.’

Read on below the pictures.

FLEUR:  Do you have any tips for readers who want to get creative with special materials? Where do you get your inspiration from, for example?

MARTINE: ‘I get my inspiration in daily life. For the tulip vases (Fleur Créatif@Home, Special Springtime 2021) I wanted to make a ball shape. I thought: how can I do that? A little later I walked into the kitchen and there were some empty plastic bottles. I thought I could use those to create a ball shape. You can also make beautiful things with what you find in nature, if you are a bit creative. Just think of the pruning wood in the garden.’

‘One tip I definitely want to give is that above all, you have to experiment. Keep trying things; keep refining them over and over again. When you see that something eventually works, it gives you a lot of satisfaction. Create and refine, that’s my motto!’

FLEUR:  Thank you so much for the interview, Martine.

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