Extra campaign being developed for flowers and plants

The Flower Council of Holland is working with a wide range of representatives from the sector to develop a new campaign to give sales of flowers and plants an extra boost once the most limiting restrictions around the coronavirus will be lifted.A campaign about belatedly being able to celebrate the missed opportunities to be together.

Extra bloemen- en plantencampagneA video kick-off meeting has already been held with no fewer than 20 enthusiastic leading representatives of the floriculture sector. Participants and interested parties include various breeders, growers, traders, Royal FloraHolland, VBW Central Association for Flower Retailers, Glastuinbouw Nederland and AIPH.

Investing together​
During the first online meeting about this campaign we noticed that there was a lot of willingness to join forces to invest in a joint campaign and avoid fragmentation. The aim is to first produce an outline of the campaign plan, and submit this to all parties. It is important that all participants support the plan, since this extra campaign will be co-financed by the stakeholders involvedExtra bloemen- en plantencampagne.

Creating a positive mood​
The flowercouncil will shortly be presenting the first campaign concept at a follow-up session. The aim is to create a positive mood in the campaign, whereby we engage with the current changing consumer behaviour. During the crisis there are many occasions which could not be celebrated together and this situation has affected everyone. We are developing an idea where we can still celebrate these occasions with love and togetherness without restrictions, and of course, with flowers and plants. After all, flowers and plants represent connectedness and care, and have the positive characteristic of emphasising the bond between people. Ideally it should be possible to carry out the campaign in all the core countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom). Obviously the start date depends on the decisions that are made about the coronavirus measures. The Flowercouncil is working on the assumption that the campaign will run in the months after the summer holidays.

Info – flowercouncil.co.uk

Want to find out more or participate?​
If you are interested in joining this broad floriculture coalition and contributing to this campaign, please contact Simone Dussine, country manager Netherlands at the Flower Council of Holland on [email protected], or Chanel de Kock, country manager United Kingdom on [email protected].

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