Fantastic festive creations in new winter special FLEUR CREATIF @HOME

Bring light and joy into the darkness with the new floral styling special from FLEUR CREATIF @HOME! Here’s your happiness booster, with 130 pages of winter and festive floral designs, explained in detail by our 4 top florists.

The news reports are not that positive: war, energy crisis, shortage of water, climate change. This certainly also applies to nature, flowers and plants. It is extremely important to protect nature as much as possible. Flowers and plants that we bring into our living rooms must be cherished and cared for. Their value increases !

Our FLEUR CREATIF @HOME florists offer a series of DIY’s for the festive season in the Autumn/Winter 2022 issue. Check them out!

With floral creations from :

So many interesting themes in this edition

🍁🏡 Autumn in the Garden

The garden has a lot to offer in the autumn in terms of nice materials for floral arranging. Annick Mertens loves to work with them. She makes wreaths with acorns, chestnuts and flower seed pods. Intense red coloured Malus apples get a place on a tree trunk or in a soft homemade felt tray. Between the mushrooms and the pumpkins, Annick creates autumn turrets with moss, bark and colourful autumn flowers. In the table decoration, we discover dried annual honesty and grasses, rose hips and autumnal Chrysanthemum.

🔥 By the Fireplace

Charlotte Bartholomé opts for a warm autumn. Creations with warm yellow, orange and red colours not only bring autumn colours, but also enhance the warm feeling of a crackling fire. Intense pink and purple colours also bring warmth and cosiness to the living room. Charlotte knows how to combine materials and colour tones like no other

🌾🎃 Autumnal Materials Create Autumn

Martine Meeuwssen lets the materials speak. She chooses the right autumn ingredients to bring that autumnal feeling into the house. She makes garlands from dried Ginkgo biloba leaves. She works with grasses and fluff in combination with plumes and autumn-coloured Cymbidium. She makes autumn trees from dried pine needles. Pumpkins are given a golden jacket and are combined with red Malus and red rose hips. Dried leaves, grasses and skeletal leaves are wedged between a frame of iron wire and look like they were ‘blown in by the wind’. Ilex berries and cones with orange Gloriosa rise from a bed of Physalis fruits.

❄☃ A White Winter

The winter of 2022 turns white. For Charlotte Bartholomé it will be an ode to white flowers and white-painted or waxed materials. Winter and Christmas also have a distinct visual language for Charlotte. We discover stars, the shape of a crescent moon, circles, reindeer and organic shapes. With a touch of gold, all creations get a festive accent.

🔴 With a Red Touch

Red colours are always a classic for the Christmas season, as are green and gold. Annick Mertens combines red with typical Christmas materials such as pine cones, moss, berries and candles. She exchanges the classic green for mint green. Gold accents go perfectly with candlelight. Annick creates a festive and trendy party table with dried materials.

🔵 Trendy Blue

The trend colour for the end of 2022 is blue. As the florist of the renowned Amigo Hotel in the heart of the city of Brussels, Damien Overputte is always up to date with the latest trends. As a common thread in his photo reportage, he chooses this trend colour. Hyacinths Delft blue and beautiful blue Anemones play the leading role. Salix catkins, pine needles, greens and needles play the supporting role.

YES, I want to have this edition

You can view this winter special of FLEUR CRÉATIF @HOME entirely online as a subscriber to FLEUR CRÉATIF. As there is no longer a paper edition since October, it is in your interest to take out a digital subscription.

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