October, 5th,  the Flower Council of Holland relaunches its wildly popular #Favouriteflower publicity blitz in the UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands, with a revamped trio of floral hunks at the helm. The eye-catching campaign aims to communicate that giving or receiving of a favourite flower is much more valuable than just any arbitrary bunch of flowers.

International reach

From 5 to 31 October, the campaign will be highly visible throughout the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. In each country the marketing offensive will be supported through several large-scale media channels; video networks like YouTube, social channels like Facebook and Twitter, but also via print (national newspapers, magazines and outdoor billboards), and even radio in some countries. Through coverage and large-scale PR activities, the Flower Council will encourage audiences to give more attention to its message, stimulating flower sales as a result.

New Favourite Flower Boys!

The campaign, which first launched in 2012, attracted a whole lot of attention back then. This time around however, it comes with a slight twist: in order for consumers to make a direct link with flowers, the titillating Flower Boys have been casted once again, but this year they are auditioning for the role of florist! In this manner, the logical association with flower shops is strengthened even more, and it will be even more enticing for florists to participate in the campaign.
FavouriteFlower_fleurmagazine_2. FavouriteFlower_fleurmagazine_3.

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