First images of Fleuramour’s flagship project [VIDEO]

Spoiler Alert: the veil has just been lifted on the first images of Fleuramour 2019’s main attraction.

The Italian floral designer Angelica Lacarbonara is thinking big. On the occasion of the famous Alden Biesen Flower Festival, she will present a gigantic floral planet composed of thousands of flowers in 80 different varieties including roses, carnations, clematis, viburnums, chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies.

The show in the main courtyard of the castle park promises to be very colourful. Angelica Lacarbonara will play with elements from the future and the past, in perfect harmony with the year’s theme ‘Back to the Future’.

Behind this wall you will be able to watch ‘The Ninth Planet’, from September 27 to 30.

The Ninth Planet

“Officially, our solar system has eight planets, but during Fleuramour the world will be able to watch “The Ninth Planet””, says Italian floral designer Angelica Lacarbonara. “From September 27 to 30, the eyes will look to the sky. It will be a place full of flowers, where creativity reigns, where dreams come true. Where reality and surrealism meet. Where we can all go beyond our daily limitations.”

“The surface of the planet will consist of spherical bulbs, the floating part of spherical flowers.”

With more than 140,000 flowers in hundreds of enchanting floral creations, beautiful floral shows, competitions and instructive demonstrations, Fleuramour is the place to be for every flower enthusiast!



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