Fleur Créatif Special Springtime is out now!

Are you looking for floral inspiration for spring and summer? The new Fleur Cré[email protected] magazine brings a range of ideas! With great tips to get started yourself, both with fresh and dried flowers. In this issue, you will also find many creative ideas for your Easter party.

70 floral creations for spring & summer

Since Covid-19 arrived on our shores, we have spent most of our time indoors with our own bubble. Bringing cosiness and colour into our interior is therefore a priority. And what better things are there to make this a reality than flowers and plants? Luckily, our [email protected] floral artists have been very busy. They have created lots of fun spring and summer must-have designs for the new Fleur Cré[email protected] Special Springtime:

❀ A romantic spring with beautiful buttercups, special daffodils and spring blossoms in pastel hues.
❀ Creative designs with clay, wool, black floral foam and stub wire as a connecting and construction material.
❀ Beautiful floral arrangements with exotic flowers and materials such as special orchids, Proteas, Tillandsias and Bromeliads.
❀ Summersweet flower creations with bright colours that evoke the atmosphere of Provence.
❀ Unique designs with flowers from the garden, in the Pantone trend colour yellow and all the shades that complement this colour.
❀ Colourful flowers incorporated into summery arrangements to brighten up a gloomy day.

With a total of 70 floral creations for spring and summer!

You can already order your magazine in the FLEUR bookshop. Fleur Cré[email protected] will be in shops in the UK from 26 March 2021.

» Order your Fleur Cré[email protected] here.

Have a look in the magazine:


We wish you a creative and decorative spring!

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