Fleuramour goes Back to the Future

Space goggles on! Space boots on. Fleuramour is going on an extraordinary mission this year: you are going to travel through time!

Fleuramour is following the example of the 80’s film classic “Back to the Future” and is going to visit the past, the present and the future. How does the fascinating world of flowers & plants evolve over the centuries? Which strange creatures will see the light of day? Who amongst our evolutionary friends will become extinct? How do we survive together? Or will our future be a life on a paradisiacal planet far, far away?

For this never before tried experiment, Fleuramour called on the services of the 100 most creative brainiacs on Mother Earth, for a last ditch effort at saving our flora. These special envoys take you to Planet Fleuramour, where the world’s most beautiful flowers will be preserved for eternity.

Our imagination runs wild when we think of ‘Back to the Future’. Do we have to get ready for flying saucers, rockets and aliens?
Regine Motmans, art director Fleuramour: ‘It’s quite possible that you’ll spot them, but the floral designers can get creative with the theme, in order to avoid a lot of rockets (laughs). Moniek Vanden Berghe will wonder, for example, what she wants to take with her from the present to the future? Every florist can give it its own personal interpretation.’

Why this theme?
‘When I was young, I loved “Back to the Future”, but I’m mostly interested in this theme because we always have to keep looking ahead. Fleuramour is going to be a great and futuristic event but we don’t want to shock anyone, you know. The present and the past will also have prominent roles. That’s why I think that “Back to” in the title is so important. Fleuramour 2019 will be a journey through time. Towards the future and the past, with a view on the present.’

Should you have seen ‘Back to the Future’ before you come to Fleuramour?
‘Absolutely not. Although we are trying to get the car from the movie over to Alden Biesen. Not sure if it’ll work, because it doesn’t drive at all! (laughs).’

Why should we come back to Fleuramour from 27 to 30 September?
‘Because you have to keep traditions alive and that’s what Fleuramour has meant for 15,000 people these last 24 years. It’s always beautiful and yet always different. Where else can you admire 140,000 flowers in one location? Why do 100 of the world’s top floral artists meet in one place? For the magic of Fleuramour!’

>> fleuramour.be

Embark soon

The time machine is ready. The seconds are counting down. Fleuramour is just waiting on one more person. You! Embark as soon as you can before another passenger is chosen for the very last ticket to this flower paradise! Did you get yours? Quickly put on your space badge and get ready for the launch!

140,000 flowers, in all scents and colours, will be waiting for you on the other side of the cosmos…

>> fleuramour.be

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