Fleuramour Surprises with Fleur Floral Fashion in September 2021

While we all look forward to the exciting 25th anniversary in 2022, the Fleuramour Flower Festival will organise a corona-safe alternative. This edition will be smaller and more limited than before and it will have a different name, but it will be no less dazzling than other years. Fleur Floral Fashion will be the most enchanting flower festival of 2021! Find out what to expect here.

Floral Splendour in the Grand Commandery of Alden Biesen

For five days, we will transform the Grand Commandery of Alden Biesen into a true work of art for the flower festival Fleur Floral Fashion. Your visit starts with a walk through the English garden that leads to the large entrance gate at the rear of the castle. When you enter the domain, you will be surprised by beautiful floral creations in and around the castle. On the bridge, you’ll think you’ve entered a real-life fairytale.

Theme: ‘A Castle Deserves Art’

The theme ‘A Castle Deserves Art’ speaks for itself. This year we set the bar extra high for the artistic level. We immerse you in a world of beautiful flowers, eye-catching designs and artistic projects. Be surprised and let your mind roam free when you admire more than 50 impressive floral artworks.

Floral Designs From Local and International Talent

Floral designers from Belgium and the Netherlands provide artistic creations in collaboration with artists from around the world. Floral artists like Conny van der Westerlaken (The Netherlands) and Jimmy Englund (Sweden) will be present. In addition, many foreign floral artists will participate with the designs remotely.

The Fleur Creatif and [email protected] teams will naturally be an integral part of the flower festival. Moniek Vanden Berghe and Rita Van Gansbeke will unleash their creativity on the theme of art. Sören Van Laer and Aymeric Chaouche will amaze with romantic roses. Other regular names are Annick Mertens, Charlotte Bartholomé, Martine Meeuwssen and Chantal Post.

Friday is hat day and you are invited!

Friday 24 September is hat day at Fleur Floral Fashion. Are you a creative flower fan? Then this is definitely something for you! You design the most beautiful floral hat with flowers and/or plants and stroll through the castle. Each visitor wears a unique creation. Large, small, innovative or genial? Anything is possible, as long as your hat refers to the theme ‘A Castle Deserves Art’.

Shop in the most beautiful pop-up stores

You can shop for lots of fun gadgets in the Tiendschuur (barn) of the domain in several pop-up stores. After your visit to Fleur Floral Fashion you will also discover a lot of beautiful pop-up stores on the courtyard. You can also enjoy a nice snack and drink on the terrace. The perfect end to a colourful day!

Don’t miss out, book your tickets now!

Would you like to visit Fleur Floral Fashion from Thursday 23 to Monday 27 September 2021? The flower expo is open every day from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm and can be visited in time slots of 2 hours.

Tickets are limited and only available online in presale!

  • Tickets in presale €25 | No checkout sale!
  • As a subscriber to Fleur Créatif you are entitled to a free ticket for Fleur Floral Fashion 2021. With the autumn edition of Fleur Créatif, you will receive a code with which you can redeem your ticket at fleuramour.be. More info will follow soon. Stay tuned.

The complete program will soon be available on fleuramour.be.

» Order your tickets here

Thousands of flowers, in all colours and fragrances, are waiting for you!

Fleur Creatif Magazine: Fleuramour Surprises with Fleur Floral Fashion in September 2021
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Fleur Floral Fashion – Powered by Fleuramour is organised by Fleur Creatif Events.

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