Floos Creations | Iza Tkaczyk (Poland)

Iza graduated as master florist at the ‘Akademia Marioli Miklaszewskiej’ in Poland, and so her adventure as a florist began. She runs workshops, takes part in exhibitions and contests. Get to know this floral artist and try this special Floos creation for yourself.

Iza is a collaborator of FLOOS, an interactive,digital and international web platform where you can consult the technical data sheets of many international floral artists.

“The character of my pieces is certainly influenced by the fact that I also graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. I like playing with colour and form, as well as using contrast. But the most fun is looking for balance in a composition. My philosophy is: to share what I love.”

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A collage by Ina Tkaczyk

What do you need?

  • Echinops ritro
  • Clematis ‘Star River Milka’
  • Echinacea sp.
  • Rhipsalis sp.
  • Clematis ‘Blue Pirouette’
  • Vanda ‘Sumathi® Copper Red’
  • Chrysanthemum (Indicum Grp disbud)
  • ’Rossano’ (Orange)
  • Achillea ‘Jo Ann’ (Orange)
  • Chrysanthemum indicum ‘Etrusko’ (Pink)

Black stub wire 1,8mm – Dry fruits – Colour spray
Newspaper – Paper covered wire – Floral tape – Hay
Wooden sticks – Straw wreath – Decorative leaves – Wool

How do you make it?

Cover a straw wreath with wool. Insert several 1.8 mm wires all the way around, making a hook at the end to correctly fix them. Join them up with paper covered wire, twisting each wire once so that it is fixed firmly.

Next, bend the wires into the shape you are going for and weave the strands of wool and other materials together. Cover the inside with the same wool used for the ring. You should continue weaving the different materials, working towards the range of colours desired.

Finally, stick on all the dry materials with hot glue. Make a handtied bouquet with the fresh materials in the structure.


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