Floral artist Geert Pattyn has been at Fleur since the beginning

What a poet conveys with words, Geert Pattyn conveys with flowers. He has that unique ability to tell a story with natural materials. More than 25 years ago, Geert was a founding member of Fleur. He is once again showcasing some stylish floral creations in the new summer edition of Fleur Creatif.

Who is Geert Pattyn?

For more than 30 years, the ultimate goal of the internationally renowned floral artist Geert Pattyn has been to make the world a better place and create a lovely atmosphere with flowers and plants. Raised on his parent’s farm in Geluwe (Belgium), he has been interested in nature from a young age. His studies at the horticulture and agricultural school in Roeselare followed by a specialisation in floral art were a natural fit for him. This was where he was able to unleash his creativity.

After his studies, Geert did several internships and worked in a flower shop in Belgium for 10 years. When the shop closed and was turned into a wholesaler, Geert thought this was the perfect time to strike out on his own.

‘I gave demonstrations and participated in several regional and national floral arranging competitions. Afterwards, I returned to my parent’s farm. They were just about to retire. I decided to start my own design studio in the place I grew up’, Geert Pattyn explains. ‘I organised workshops at the farm and sold custom flower arrangements to order. So this wasn’t exactly a real flower shop where people could choose their flowers on site. In the mid-1980s, this was still a strange concept. I think I was one of the first florists in Belgium who had a studio but didn’t have a physical store.’

Prestigious Floral Decorations at Home and Abroad

His spacious and bright studio inspires Geert to create small and large arrangements on a daily basis. Geert specialises in custom work. Together with his team, he decorates prestigious events, trade fairs, gourmet restaurants, shop windows, but he also does traditional events such as wedding parties, garden parties and birthday parties both at home and abroad…

He is a master of decorating spaces and creating atmospheres. It is amazing how his fabulous creations seem to enhance the power of the space.

Inspiring, Colourful and Stylish Designs in Fleur Créatif

Are you interested in the work of Geert Pattyn? He gives seasonal tips and inspiration for floral arrangements in every edition of Fleur Creatif. This summer edition is no different.

‘My favourite arrangement is the flower painting with only yellow flowers: dahlia, sunflower, yarrow… It is exuberant, colourful, compact, yet abundant. It is a typical summer image.’

’The arrangement with the coloured waters was also a challenge for me. It’s tight, yet casual because of the wildflowers. Occasionally I use flowers from my own ornamental garden in my work. These are a nice addition to the material from the wholesaler. Honestly, I have to thank my sister, who takes care of the garden with me’, Geert explains to Fleur Créatif Magazine.

Must-do: Artistic Land-Art bike tour this summer in Belgium

When we asked Geert about his summer plans, he said that he was really enthusiastic about his Land-Art project in Middelkerke, a coastal municipality in Belgium.

‘I was approached by the municipality of Middelkerke last winter to set up an artistic bike ride. Musician Tibeau Denamur (Tibeauthetraveler) and I joined forces and let our imaginations run wild. Since mid-May, a Land-Art artwork has been on display at six locations in the countryside. It is an organic work of art, inspired by nature and its surroundings.’

The Land-Art projects are on display until 30 September 2021. More information about the bike tour can be found on the website of the municipality of Middelkerke: www.middelkerke.be


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A monograph of Geert Pattyn

Discover more about the floral designer and his most beautiful work in his monograph ‘Geert Pattyn Master Florist’.

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Fleur Creatif Magazine: Monograph in the bookshop: Geert Pattyn master florist

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