Floral Artist in the Spotlight

Per Benjamin (Sweden) is a floral artist that always excites. He combines flowers, colours, emotions and materials into surprising concepts. He loves to share his knowledge and that is what makes his books so captivating.

Who is Per Benjamin?

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Per Benjamin already had an interest in flowers and gardening as a child. At the age of 16, he was lucky to find a flowershop to work in during the holidays and weekends. This lead the way to a growing interest, learning over the years, a full time job and eventually his Craftmanship diploma with a silver medal in 1994.

Today Per Benjamin has his own company ‘Benjamin’s Botaniska’ (Benjamin’s Botanicals), an educational brand ‘Floristik Coaching’ and ‘Life2’ together with Max van de Sluis. His work ranges from demonstrations, workshops, seminars, school teaching, judging, shop makeovers, economy and sales knowledge, team and leaderships courses, shop coaching, bigger events and party decorations and the occasional day in a flower shop. Over the last 18 years, since his World Cup victory, he has had the opportunity to work all around the world, in over 80 countries.

‘I always challenge myself by working with materials and colour combinations that I might like less, or even, if it is possible when talking about flowers, dislike. My challenge lies in the quest to master them and make it work, I want to lift those materials to new levels. Anyone can produce a great flower creation relying on his or her favourite materials and colours, but the truly curious designer goes beyond that, without fear, only pure excitement. Seeing problems as possibilities and not seeing limitations and traditions as obstacles but as an inspiration: that is being creative! Creative floral design needs emotions, imagination, curiosity, joy and true passion.

Floral decorations by Per Benjamin

Do you want to learn from the best?

Per Benjamin published, co-published with Life 3 and has been published in over 30 books!  Discover these books in the FLEUR bookshop and get inspired by the floral arrangements of the master floral artist.

And many more!




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