Floral DIY | Flowery Easter Egg

Easter is the most important holiday during spring. With a playful Easter egg on your doorstep, on the terrace or on the wall, you will add even more joy to your Easter party! The violets and forget-me-nots are perfect for spring.

This flowery Easter Egg is a beautiful creation by our Belgian Fleur Créatif floral designer Moniek Vanden Berghe. It symbolises a cheerful blue spring. Curious for more Easter inspiration? Fleur Cré[email protected] Special Springtime offers plenty of ideas!

What do you need?


  • Myosotis, forget-me-not
  • Viola, violet
  • Delphinium, larkspur
  • Viburnum opulus, snowball
  • Hay
  • Cocos nucifera, coconut bark

Other materials: 

  • Floral foam base, egg shape
  • Fine gold-coloured decorative wire
  • Tailor pins, spray-painted gold
  • Water vials, different sizes
  • Eggs

This is how you make the flowery Easter egg:

☀️ Place thick clumps of hay on the egg shape and start wrapping both with the gold wire to keep the hay in place. Put a pin in the floral foam here and there and attach the gold wire to it.

☀️ Once the shape is completely covered with hay, start sharpening the coconut bark and prick it into the egg. This will give you a basket shape where we can insert the eggs.

☀️ Now we attach conical and other vials in the shape that will hold the flowers.


In Fleur Cré[email protected] you will discover more than 70 floral ideas with step-by-step techniques for this spring and next summer. This edition features simple and quick creations. Other floral creations are a bit more challenging for the passionate flower lover!

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We wish all our readers a happy Easter!

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