Kunming Floral Fashion Show 2019, China [VIDEO]

Under the guidance of international floral designers, the Kunming Floral Fashion Show in China became a beautiful event with many praising comments, so be sure to read on!
Floral fashion created by students

The first day of the Expo started with a spectacular floral fashion show presented by the famous floral designer and creative director at Flower Factor, Pim van den Akker. In a Flower Factor master class, 21 students took their first steps in the creation of floral fashion. The result was a breathtaking show with international models and 11 beautiful floral dresses.

The Chinese students of Sikastone Floristry Education were accompanied by Pim van den Akker and floral designer Roos van Unen. They taught them to use natural materials such as moss, thin sheets of birch bark, sawdust etc. as a base for fashion. The result was the base for some spectacular floral dresses.


Floral design in a different way

The 5-day Floral Fashion masterclass by Flower Factor was unique in its kind, says Pim van den Akker. “It is important that the students are dedicated to the project. Also their imagination and creativity play an important role because this is a completely different approach to floral design”, he says.

“You have to experience flowers in a totally new way if you want to turn them into high fashion,” explains Pim. “But a Floral Fashion Show can only be a success if the design and execution are of the highest level.”


From scratch

“The hardest thing about the whole master class was that they had to start with a clean slate. That means without an existing piece of clothing and therefore a completely new idea,” says Pim. “It was important that the base of their creation was technically correct. Otherwise, you risk the design falling apart. Moreover, the design had to be made to measure, which was a great challenge!”


Beautiful result after intensive master class

The Floral Fashion Show at the Kunming International Flower Expo was the festive end of an intensive master class. Flowers, creativity and fashion came together in a vibrant show.

“The international models looked beautiful with their dresses, make-up and matching hair. The fitting runway music and the enthusiastic audience were the icing on the cake”, says Pim.

Curious about how it looked?

More information on the website of flowerfactor.com.


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