Flormart : International Exhibition of Horticulture (19-21 September in Padova, Italy)

Flormart 2018 will take place from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 September. During the working week: to be always closer to those who work in the green and for the green.

Innovation, development and sustainability: these are the great themes of Flormart 2018.

“We are committed to growing today’s market to give you always new opportunities. This is why we are working to increase the number of national and international buyers and of exhibitors. In fact, we want to be, now more than ever, at the side of all the operators of the sector. We look at tomorrow’s market to create new development opportunities.”

“This is why we will highlight the themes of Green City, which are the future of the sector. We will talk about urban regeneration, architecture and sustainable design, land management and environment. We will develop synergies with the Public Administration. We will host the annual AIPH congress that will put green infrastructures at the centre of future strategies.”

“We want to support the new frontiers of innovation to make them more and more concrete.”

“We will develop a space dedicated to innovative technologies and Smart Farming. We will host international research laboratories. We will give space to young researchers. We will let scientists illustrate the new tools and new ideas designed to make the sector increasingly competitive from a productive, technological, managerial and commercial point of view.”

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