Flower Agenda: A fresh Start with Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, also called the Inca Lily, is a beautiful flower available in many different colours. The cut flower opens the indoor season with its absolute trend colour for 2019: white. Unique to Alstroemeria is that she keeps her beauty untill she gets the right moment.

In the shop, the flowers hide in their buds. Only at the consumer’s home they show their full beauty. The smooth stems also appeal to a younger target group. And the impressive vase life of this cut flower is in line with the spirit of the times of choosing things that will give you a long time to enjoy.

Different options

As already mentioned, white plays the leading role in September as a symbol of a new start. Yet, the Alstroemeria has many different cultivars with beautiful clear, bright colors. You can find them in almost every colour of the rainbow. The flower pattern can also vary from solid to spots or stripes.

What do you have to keep in mind?
  • When purchasing Alstroemeria, pay attention to length, strength, leaf quality and the number of buds per branch. The total weight determines the price
  • It is also very important to check the ripeness. Buds with sufficient colour will open better, have a more intense colour, offer larger flowers and a better vase life.
  • What you have to watch out for in the Alstroemeria are diseases and plagues. The flower or leaf can sometimes show Botrytis (smallpox, blemish / smoldering). As a result, the buds can sometimes be dry or easily fall off.
Styling Elize Eveleens – Klimprodukties
Care tips for consumers
  • Cut the stems diagonally and remove the lower leaves so that they don’t hang in the water
  • Put the Alstroemeria in a clean vase with fresh water and some cut flower food
  • It is better not to place the vase in the full sun, near a fruit bowl or near the heating
  • Remove dead flowers and refill the vase regularly with fresh water.

Care tips for professionals
  • Place the Alstroemeria in clean buckets (or vases) with fresh water, with a preservative in it. This will ensure that the flowers open nicely, that the leaves do not turn yellow and that the water is not polluted by bacteria
  • Cut the stems at about 3-5 cm with a sharp knife and remove the lower leaves
  • Make sure that the flowers or the leaves do not become damp. This will encourage Botrytis. In Alstroemeria this is often called smallpox because of the small spots on the flowers or blemish / smoldering when it is between the leaves

Presentation tips for professionals

After the summer, September again offers structure and need for order. For the styling of Alstroemeria this means peace and rhythm. Furthermore, the interest in responsibility and sustainability is increasing. Vases may refer to reuse (painted bottles) or multifunctionality (vases that also serve as jug).

Would you like to know which other flowers are on the calendar? Or would you like to know more about the Alstroemeria? Take a look at the website of funnyhowflowersdothat.

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