Flower Baskets by Charlotte Bartholomé

You should definitely try this one! Charlotte Bartholomé’s spring baskets are a delight to have in your home during springtime. This is how you get started.

What do you need?


  • Morus, mulberry bark
  • Pandanus, leaves
  • Clematis
  • Rosa, roses
  • Freesia
  • Ranunculus, buttercup
  • Prunus

Other materials

  • Half sphere in frigolite
  • Metal circle
  • OASIS® Floral foam

This is how you make it:

? Decorate your half sphere with styrofoam by folding and gluing your dried leaves.

? Fold your metal circle to create your support.

? Cover the latter with strips of mulberry bark.

? Place your half sphere on your support.

? Insert some floral foam in the support and decorate with your flowers.

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