Flower Basket | DIY

In the new Fleur Créatif @ Home, you will find many great ideas for a lovely Spring with flowers! Like this Flower Basket from Charlotte Bartholomé for instance.


  • Morus, mulberry bark
  • Pandanus, leaves
  • Clematis
  • Rosa, roses
  • Freesia
  • Ranunculus, buttercup
  • Prunus
  • Half sphere in frigolite
  • Metal circle
  • OASIS® Floral foam


1. Decorate your half sphere with styrofoam by folding and gluing your dried leaves.
2. Fold your metal circle to create your support.
3. Cover the latter with strips of mulberry bark.
4. Place your half sphere on your support.
5. Insert some floral foam in the support and decorate with your flowers.

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